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Lee Kopman's name is synonymous with choreography. He invented more calls in popular usage than any other caller in the history of Square Dancing. During his life, he was considered by many to be the foremost advocate and spokesman for the Western Square Dance Community of Callers and Dancers. Lee’s legacy lives on.

August 9, 1933  -  November 13, 2018


Lee Kopman is known as The  King of Square Dancing. In his 60+ years as a Square Dance Caller, he  wrote over 500 calls and helped pioneer Challenge level of dancing. Lee  loved calling more than anything, except for his wife Lilith and his  children Steve and Phyllis, of course. He changed the lives of scores of dancers and callers. When Lee passed away on November 13th at the age  of 85, there were countless numbers of people who wrote cards and  letters remembering the impact he made on their lives and the joy he  brought with every encounter. Lee mentored so many callers simply out of service to the advancement of the activity, and well, because he  couldn’t get enough of it. The stories of his generous spirit continue  to emerge. When a GoFundMe account was set up by Marty Northrup to raise money for medical expenses for Lee and Lilith, Lee would have none of  that. He wanted to use the funds for scholarships for eager callers to  attend Caller Lab or a caller’s school. So, in honor of Lee and his  contribution to Square Dancing, we invite you to consider a donation to  help advance the activity he loved so much. Just click the link to the right to donate. Thank you in advance for continuing Lee’s legacy and the  advancement of Square Dancing.

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