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Lee Kopman's name is synonymous with choreography. He has invented more calls in popular usage than any other caller in the history of Square Dancing. He is considered by many to be the foremost advocate and spokesman for the Western Square Dance Community of Callers and Dancers.

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Kirkwood C1 Week    
Lee and Darryl’s C1 at Kirkwood this year was great.  We had plenty of time to dance, DSC00037sleep, eat, swim, go on a boat trip, and attend the the Main Street Music Hall. Then there was more dancing, eating and sleeping.  The calling was very challenging, really tough at times, but we all enjoyed it and learned a lot.  Thanks guys for a great time.

We even had a biker show up to call a tip.  He then got on his bike with hisDSC00042 babe and tried to ride off but Darryl stopped him before it was too late.  Thanks Darryl for your quick action.  He could have hurt himself.   Lilith was really getting into this biker thing and needs to be watched closely for awhile.

Lee can’t come next year and he will be missed by all the C1 and C2 dancers at Kirkwood in 09.

That’s what it was in Chicago. Everyone on the floor knew that something special was happening . It was an A2 weekend and it was dynamite. The calling was clever and unique. The dancers tuned in and  functioned unbelievably well. The facility--bright, cold and a wonderful floor. Nothing was missing. The committee worked really hard to make everyone feel welcome.They did. Sunday morning there were still 7 squares. That was surely a tribute to the weekends success since there were attendees from 7 states. Some of these enthusiastic dancers even attended a plus dance Sunday night. That brought the level of the plus dance up ---and it too, was a magical evening. Thanks to Adra and Zig and their phenomenal committee.

As Irving Berlin would say--"Heaven, We were in  Heaven"--at the annual C3/4 week at Kirkwood Lodge. If not "Cheek to Cheek" but  "Square to Square"  we embarked on what felt like--a "family reunion".

The dancing was superb with Lee and Vic Ceder in  incredible form and the Thursday addition of Ben Rubright as an added  attraction.

Hard to make a mistake with nine squares of  competent and embracing dancers on the floor. The atmosphere was charged with  warmth and fun.

Most of us regret having to wait a whole year to  assemble this eclectic (from Sweden, Canada, England and the USA) group  of  impeccable dancers.

When they say that Square Dancing is “Friendship Set to Music" they personified our week at Kirkwood Lodge.       Lilith

#8 Spring Frolic, Benton,  Arkansas      Pictures
Gosh it doesn't seem like the Spring Frolic's  started 8 years ago, but this is the 8th year...and Lee Kopman has been the  Caller for all except two.  Thank goodness he made this one!!!  Had he  not...I THINK I WOULD HAVE DIED!!!  Anyway he sure give us 'one great  dance'...can you believe 8 tips in two hours!!

This year we had couples from AR, IL, MO, LA, KY,  TX, OK, UTAH, FL, amazes me that people come so far to come to the  "Frolic's"...actually to all square dancing weekends.  This is because we  all love to square dance I guess.

We also celebrated Nancy Leidke's birthday with a  delicious cake and all of us singing "Happy Birthday" to her..."we didn't ask  her age :>) "

I had said that this would be the last Frolic, but  "again I guess I fibbed"....we are having a Fall Frolic, Oct. 31, Nov. 1 and  2nd...everything the same as this year's Spring Frolic.  And one more  Spring Frolic is reserved for Lee and the Hall (and me) in 2009...YES ONE MORE  FOR SURE!!!! at least at this time...Dates are:  May 1, 2 & 3, MARK THESE ALL DOWN ON YOUR DANCING CALENDARS...

See you somewhere "across the  square"
Edna, Bob and Mr.  Lee!

The Harvest Moon Classic festival is pure MAGIC. Imagine a square dance weekend with the best of the best. Tom Miller, Tim Marriner, Ron Libby, Lee Kopman, John Marshall, Mike Jacobs and little ole' me. There are very few callers that you can put in the PLUS hall at 8:00 PM then the C1 hall at 9:00 PM then the Advance hall at 10:00 PM and all the dancers are ecstatic. That's the kind of staff on the Harvest Moon classic. The callers, again, show no egos. We all enjoy working with each other and look forward to the many times we're teamed up in halls. It's rare that you walk past a room where callers are not singing in harmony. This is one of the premier festivals on the east coast and should not be missed. A lot of the success goes to Mary and Michelle who have now taken over the management responsibilities the past 2 years and have brought perfection to the week end. It was great to see many new dancers in the PLUS hall as well as the C2 hall. Thank you all for spreading the word about this week end. It's truly one that should be on everyone's schedule. Space is limited so it's important you don't wait to register till the last minute. All the halls were nearly full and the staff just seems to get better with age. For most of us, it's the last week end before the holiday season. Can't think of a better way to end the year then with the Harvest Moon classic.  Steve Kopman

Benton Arkansas weather for the Fall Frolic Halloween C1 weekend was perfect with temperatures in the 50s at night and 70s in the daytime.  No rain this year, just blue skies and great dancing.  Lee was honored with a cake he cut himself, a signed poster from all of us at the weekend, and a rip-roaring award presentation. Lee was a good sport as he dawned the Arkansas hog hat and we all yelled “Su...eee”. Edna and Bob Johnson, Peggy & Hank know how to do a weekend and this Frolic was no exception.  The dance temperature in the hall was perfect, the decorations spectacular, the food and snacks top notch and the ice cream and cake on Saturday night a welcome diversion from the relentless, challenging calling of Lee.  More pictures.....

The Texas Advanced and Challenge Convention has come an gone again but this time was different.  The dance was moved to the big little town of Paris, Texas and to get there, Lee hitch hiked a 30 minute ride from Addison (near Dallas) to Paris in a Beech Bonanza with Richard Klein in the left seat.  Lee’s daughter and her husband live in Richardson, Texas with their two kids.  When we landed back at Addison, the whole family, including Lilith came to pick Lee up. When the kids wanted a ride, all I heard from Lilith was “I am nervous about this”, over and over again.  The ride happened and Lilith survived the ordeal.  The pictures below are proof of this amazing event just to show that Lee actually did it.

After being in England for a most wonderful week--with a "gorgeous" weekend, I feel as it I should be called Lady Lilith and my hubby, Lord Lee. We were treated like royalty. Our friends , Anthea and Richard wined, dined and entertained us for three days. Every moment was exciting. I have always loved England and to see it, not feeling like a tourist is the best way to go.

We then drove to the site of the weekend. Friday was C3A and C3B. Saturday and Sunday were C1 and C2. The dancing was superb. The ambiance extraordinary. There were at least 9 hours of dancing on Saturday--and we were loaded with wonderful friends on Sunday as well. I was really impressed with the prowess of these dancers. They moved to the music and seemed to have no difficulty with the vocabulary. Besides being terrific dancing, it was also so much fun.

Nothing was forgotten. When our Sunday evening hosts took us to their home in Cheshire (Ann and Trevor), there was a bottle of Pino Grigio waiting for us --supplied by Rosemary-. (she had heard us order this in the pub one evening). There was no nicety forgotten. Our favorite biscuits, McVidies, were given to us in abundance.  Our English neighbors truly know how to make one feel like the Royal Family. Lilith

Monday, Sept 10th - a square of  dancers from Sweeden visited Lee's Advanced Dancing Club. The dancers were PLUS  level - so adjustments were made - calling every other tip - PLUS , the others  were called at the Advanced level. A good time was had by all.   Lee

Lee is teaching at Adelphi University and  Nassau Community College - both schools are on Long Island, New  York. These are 2 credit courses - listed as Square, Line  and 2 step Country Western Dancing. Each class meets twice a week - for one  hour, Average attendance 24 students.

An extraordinary weekend in Kentucky (Indiana) 

Linda Bamforth and her family truly outdid themselves on this very special  Lee's Oscarweekend--and the last one to be held in Indiana. The theme this year was The Academy Awards. Oscars were on each table. Filet mignon, shrimp, pasta salad, and a garden salad was the fare for the after-dance repas. The dessert was extraordinary. A chocolate fountain where you could dip strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows. As the dancers entered on a red carpet, they were interviewed and had pictures taken. There was a huge Oscar with Lee's picture atop it. On the wall was a gold record -- with Lee's face in the middle surrounded by steps he had written. Everyone received a gold goody-bag with candy in it and a magnet that said , "Life may not always be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well DANCE". Of course, there was also wonderful C3A dancing . Star tips were C3B and C4. Imagine what a glorious time everyone had with such a party atmosphere. It was a gala event. Next year, the weekend will take place in Cincinnati. Janice and Bob Ziegler will be the hosts. Lilith Kopman

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