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Lee Kopman's name is synonymous with choreography. He has invented more calls in popular usage than any other caller in the history of Square Dancing. He is considered by many to be the foremost advocate and spokesman for the Western Square Dance Community of Callers and Dancers.

Lee Kopman has announced that, effective immediately, he will no longer be  touring. This was not a decision he made lightly, rather, it was made with a heavy heart. It is in his best interest to stay close to home. He will continue to call at his local clubs & events.

Below is an excerpt from several emails we received from Steve Kopman (we have Steve’s permission to publish): 

It is with great sadness that I send you this email.  After 50+ years of traveling around the world calling square dances my dad has decided, effective immediately, to cease touring.  He will continue to call at home, on Long Island, but he'll no longer travel outside NY to call.

This will be a tough one for me.  Our father/son relationship is what dreams are made of. No one is closer to him than me (besides Mom, of course).  Not long ago we were calling about six times a year around the world.  We’d be in Las Vegas,  Daytona Beach, England, Harvest Moon, Kansas City, Callers schools,  Bartlesville, OK, Challenge convention.  And those were the ANNUAL weekends. He’ll still call at home in the evening and at the colleges. I understand that normal people in their 80’s retire.  It’s the American  way.  So there’s no harm in accepting this fate... But you know how much he LOVES square dancing...  Our ONLY disagreement over the years? He loved the Yankees, I was a Mets fan.

How lucky we all are that he chose this as a profession.

Steve Kopman

HOWEVER!!, Lee is still calling local dances if you need to satisfy your Kopman FIX!. Check out what Lee has been doing lately by viewing this video.


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Mainstream Plus Dancing
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Challenge Level 1
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New Dancers (Beginners)
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