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Lee Kopman's name is synonymous with choreography. He invented more calls in popular usage than any other caller in the history of Square Dancing. During his life, he was considered by many to be the foremost advocate and spokesman for the Western Square Dance Community of Callers and Dancers. Lee’s legacy lives on.

Lee Kopman had a passion for calling that occupied his mind and heart most of his life. He was always inventing new calls (500+!) and writing choreography. Lee had a gift for writing unique choreography that helped change the activity forever. He never got bored of the activity, no matter how many dancers he had on the dance floor. To him, each dance was like the first time he ever called.

Lee was one of the most generous men you will ever know. He never hesitated to share his knowledge and wisdom with others who were as passionate as he was about the activity. He mentored many callers along the way, never asking for anything in return.

When Lee got sick, Marty Northrup started a Go Fund Me account to raise money for what Marty thought would help pay for Lee’s medical and other expenses. But Lee refused to accept the money for himself. Instead he wanted to donate the money to a scholarship fund for callers who wanted to attend caller schools and conventions.

Besides the impact Lee has had on dancers all over the world for generations, Lee’s legacy lives on through other callers who share his love for calling, and want to keep the Square Dance activity alive and well.

Callers interested in applying for the Lee Kopman Fund scholarship should visit the scholarship page on this website and apply online.