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Lee Kopman - Square Dance Man

Lee Kopman's name is synonymous with choreography. He has invented more calls in popular usage than any other caller in the history of Square Dancing. He is considered by many to be the foremost advocate and spokesman for the Western Square Dance Community of Callers and Dancers.

You can learn to Square Dance from the master! Order Lee's one-hour "Learn to Square Dance" CD (now being shipped as MP3 files perfect for teaching using any computer) and begin your adventure in Square Dancing. Add Square Dancing fun to a party! It's also a great teaching tool in your classroom or Phys-Ed class.

Here are the figures you'll learn from this CD:
Identifying Couples (heads, sides, partners, corners)

  • Right and Left Hand Stars
  • Do-Sa-Do -- See Saw
  • Promenade
  • Allemand Left, Grand Right and Left
  • Promeade - Single File
  • Girls Backtrack
  • Ladies Chain (2 Ladies, 4 Ladies, Chain 3/4)
  • Pass Thru - Separate Walk around the Outside Couples
  • Weave the Ring
  • Right and Left Thru
  • Ladies in Men Sashay

Click HERE to hear Lesson #1 (7MB mp3 file)

Order your Square Dance lessons by clicking the Buy Now button. All MP3 files are $18 and there's nothing else to pay. The price includes all files zipped up and delivered by a download link sent by email.  The download link will be active for 30 days.

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Square Dancing is so much fun that I guarantee that you will kick yourself for not learning how sooner.  It will change your life and could even save your marriage.  Bring your friends when you come and spread the joy around a little.

A New Square Dance Book Is Now Available about the life and times of Lee & Lilith Kopman


Compiled and edited by Dave and Becky Knapp (DSL Promotions) and released for publication in June of 2011.  Now available for sale.


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